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“In the decade before his passing, Prince allowed me to travel the world and perform in Tribute and in Reverence to his music. In particular, over the past six years, Chase & Ovation has been allowed and extremely blessed to perform a monthly concert at Prince’s favorite hometown/local live music venue (‘Bunkers Music Bar’) located in our hometown and in the heart of the North Loop of Minneapolis. I have always done this with Prince’s knowledge under the name ‘Chase & Ovation,’ and am frequently joined on stage with many of Prince’s former band mates. I wake up filled with gratitude every day and give thanks in prayer for the gift of music that Prince has given to me, but MORE importantly the gift that he has given to the world!”

Let us always remember to Celebrate Love… Life… And the Music of PRINCE!

~Tommy Chase~

Chase & Ovation: “A Salute to the Music of PRINCE!”


Dedicated to showcasing
Prince's music around the world

More from Chase~

“From being babysat by Prince’s mother, Mattie, after my adoption into the Chase family, to my work with Prince on the set of his film ‘Graffiti Bridge,’ to performing for a year with Brown Mark (Bassist for Prince and the Revolution) in the band Cryptic… like SO many of us around the world, the music of Prince and the Minneapolis sound has been the soundtrack to my life.

“After a week of heartache in his absence and while considering retirement from the Chase & Ovation Prince Tribute, it has become abundantly clear through the outpouring of unconditional love that we’ve received from Prince fans all around the world, that discontinuing our performances of his music would be a tremendous disservice to the very one who allowed me to do it in the first place: PRINCE himself! As difficult as the upcoming shows will be to perform, Chase & Ovation will indeed honor all dates and has begun accepting opportunities to showcase his music around the world.

“On a personal note… Why did Prince allow me to perform his music while the world knew how closely he protected his art?

It is only now that I understand how happy he was that I never tried to impersonate him by wearing a purple jacket and the like, but instead that I/we have only ever focused on paying tremendous reverence to his musical genius rather than his wardrobe.”

Thank you dear brother, Prince!  The band and I will do all we can to honor all you left us here with!

~Tommy Chase~